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Observation Mode


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Observation Mode is something relatively simple. If a player chooses to enter observation mode they will be able to watch the match but not participate in it. People will watch the match through eyes of the different players and will be able to switch through them at will. Players in Observation mode will NOT be able to participate in chat except with other people in observation mode.

People will be able to switch between either team freely. This mode would be a nice touch for any tournament matches that are going on. A free roam cinema mode may also be added to allow for more effective recording of matches. The free roam option could also be used by moderators who could sneak around the map and look for things like players planting beacons inside walls.

NOTE: This would be different than the observation mode for players waiting for bot characters to die in my AI Populated + Match Finder/Builder Topic found here: viewtopic.php?f=26&t=74666

In that observation mode players can only switch between the views of players on the team they are to join and can only utilize that teams Team Only Chat.

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Observation mode opens up cheating opportunities, particularly for serious matches. In public games, it could be used with teamspeak for many cheating purposes, including spotting cloaked enemies. If the game was ever so serious as to have "tournaments", which I doubt it ever will, other options could be worth looking into, but the game would not benefit from free spectating.

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There is always one solution to prevent cheating. Any intelligence gathered through an observation mode would be useless if a time delay was placed on it. In effect, observers would only be able to watch matches as they were a few minutes in the past. I think other games use a delay of 5 minutes for things like this which would open the door for people to roam freely whereever they want.

A live observation mode still may be very useful for anyone wanting to record the action from a different viewpoint and moderators looking to catch cheaters in the act. Think of invisible police just waiting for someone to attempt a beacon-in-the-wall plant. The person may be successful with doing it but they wouldn't be coming back to the server after.

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