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Nod Anti-air capability [basically a call for stank buff]


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With the current build nod just gets "run over" by orcas as soon as the HON is downed, this is due to the poor quality of the anti-air present in the nod airstrip, the only unit that can do any real damage to an orca atm is an apache and it loses this fight due to the missile range differential (and because the orca gun is better than the apache gun against aircraft armor). This, with the current preview of the beta 4 changelog (it seems like the pic/rail is being changed to be the main antiair from the infantry section rather than the ramjet) makes aerial non defense maps (every air map available right now) seem like its going to be a slaughter for the nod team. On the GDI side aside from the orca their MLRS can keep the wide areas clear. I suggest that the nod missile counter part the stealth tank be buffed in range so that it can accomplish a similar role, im not saying that it should be artillery range like the mlrs but at the very least it should be able to consistently hit aerial units even if their bombing a buildings topmost area (it cant really do that). In addition while im suggesting for a stank range increase i might as well also suggest that the missile exit area be modified so that the stank can hit vehicles ramming it == i.e. move it back to a forward firing launcher like the original.

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