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I guest the RenX Launcher works with the same Forum Hosting .As the Forum was down for 2 days ,The Renx Launcher wasnt working also now Forum is back and Launcher works.Would Had appreciated to had some kind of infos update from Devs by either twitter or facebook account .

Also I like to start the Renx launcher by a Steam shortcut ,It show me on STEAM playing Renegade X not UDK same goes for my RenX Steam screenShots wich is good for game visibility ..just saying ...still love Ren x :)

EDIT: Laucher opens but doesnt start the game :(

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Why is the launcher tied to anything more than the master server? I find it incredibly odd.

What "master server" are you referring to? Each game server runs and reports it's IP address and port number to the Ren X official server so that it shows up on the launcher list. With the Ren X official server being down, there was nowhere for each server to report to. You could still type the IP address of your intended server in as all the servers were up, they just had nowhere to be listed.

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