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Error on install - File is corrupt


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Hello. First of all I would like to apologize for my bad English. I am Brazilian and I can not speak English very well, so I'm using the google translator to help me. :P

I am 16 years old and since the C & C Renegade was released I'm addicted to this game, and met the Renegade X a short time, and I want to play it, so I hope you understand my despair.

I downloaded the Renegade X and when I opened the file, it carried up to 70% and showed a written message "Extraction Failed - File is corrupt". I searched the forum which could be the cause of this issue and read on a topic that because the file is pretty big, download it from the browser could corrupts it, and the topic recommended by download torrent.

Then and downloaded using Utorrent and when finished, to my sorrow, gave the same error. Downloaded the file again for four different links, and downloaded the torrent three times and always gave the same error. I opened the file as an administrator, and opened in compatibility mode with Windows XP, Windows Vista, among others, and nothing worked.

Perhaps these details are important: I use Windows 7 Ultimate, and all the files that I downloaded has 2.65 GB (2,856,291,070 bytes).

Please help me. I really want to play this game.

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Hello again. After a few hours thinking came to the conclusion that it might be a problem of my internet. As I had no other apparent solution, I decided to test any solution for this. I decided to reset my modem and apply different settings. (I am expert in assembly and maintenance of computers and networks).

After resetting the modem and reconfigure it all, reinstalled the Renegade X and it worked! I am very happy :cool: . Maybe something has happened with the modem he did give some drop in the file, whatever. But the important thing is that I can now play this great game. I hope my case can help someone who is in the same situation.

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