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I'm amazed


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Have to tell you how much I like RenX .So many things in this game that I love that it would be too much to described .

Been playing the Ren original and its a no come back to it now that renx offer what it does now .

Maps are superb well thinked .To old ren players ,I know how its always Hard to adapt to a new version of a game (the nostalgic syndrome) but you need to be open minded of changes.RenX offer a more complete C&C world system and core game in a beautifull way.

I eager to see Canyon map one of my prefer one.Big thumb up to totem art for doing this and keeping improving it . Flushing faces in other Studios looking at your work .:)

Been lately in game almost every days enjoying RenX many aspects .Been in Alpha for another game from an well know studio ,and you surpass them !

Good job guys

-cudaker aka rookie1,xtractor

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