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Clan Okami Recrutment Page

Welcome to the official Clan Okami recruiting thread. Clan Okami is currently looking to add some new blood to our roster.

Okami Gaming TeamSpeak 3 address: ts40.gameservers.com:9124

Website: http://www.okamigaming.webs.com

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpgSkB ... 1XN-aATXWw

Who is Clan Okami?

Clan Okami is a gaming group that has been around for about 7 years. In the good old days we were the top ranked clan in the 3rd person mech shooter Exteel. Also we are the top clan in Transformers Universe and are here to expand into Renegade X! We are a tight knit clan of veteran gamers who enjoy competition and competitive play and who’s goal is not to be your normal clan, but a clan that players stay with for years through many different games.

What does clan Okami have to offer?

* A fully functioning Team Speak server for coordinated play.

* A large and dedicated player base.

* Players from many countries and time zones so there is always someone online.

* Fair and respectable moderators.

* Clan run events that sometimes have real world prizes.

* In game events to help better the clan and further member enjoyment.

Who can join?

We except players of all skill levels. All new members must go through a 2 week Provisional status and then be voted in by clan officers and commanders. Full clan membership is not depended on skill level, its on how you interact with clan members and staff. Okami is full of mature gamers so we ONLY EXCEPT PLAYERS ABOVE THE AGE OF 14.

How can I join?

To submit an application just copy and paste the recruitment form below into a message and go and sign up on our website. An Okami Leader will reply with your membership status and pm you any further information. As soon as you submit an application you are allowed into our team speak to interact with Other kami members and leadership.

recruitment form:

Your in game name:

Your time zone:

Can you use team speak:

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Okami Leadership and how it works.

Leadership in Okami is not a right, its a privilege. Every player who holds a leadership from officer to commander has a job they do for the clan. Here is a break down of Okami leadership and how it works.

Okami Commander

Okami Sub-Commander

Okami Officer


Provisional member

Okami Commanders: These guys are the ruling class in Okami. They directly control the direction that Okami goes and what they do. They oversee all clan operations and have strict control over clan funds. Commanders also vote on everything. Commanders so a lot of behind the scenes work for the clan.

Okami Sub-Commander: These guys are the department heads, each one runs a different aspect of the clan weather that is personal, events manager, publicity specialist and so on. Sub-Commanders have a lot of input to what direction the clan goes. Sub-commanders also are the ones who make dictations on problems in the clan, sit on ban committees, and oversee officers assigned to them.

Okami Officers: Officers are the backbone of the leadership core. They are the higher ups eyes and ears of the clan. Officer duties include breaking up any arguments Okami members may have, duties the Sub-Commanders assign them, giving new players in team speak the right tags, watching the forums on various forums and helping players get into team speak, and many other jobs.

Members: Okami Members are the core player base of Okami. They enjoy the benefits of being members with out responsibility. Members enjoy a wide variety of events and experiences in Okami.

Provisional Members: When a new player joins Okami, they are on a 2 week probational status. This is just for our leadership staff to evaluate new people to our community and determine if they interact well with Okami leadership and members. 98% of players make it to full membership. Okami Gaming does not allow players who are toxic to our community stay within our walls and cause trouble.

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I think I see Havik play every great now and then, but I don't think he kept with this or was able to find very many people. Too little a playerbase, and the 3 established clans (communities anyway) tend to suck up players interested in commitment since they already have the established social network amongst them.

There are a few people that play using a tag that only 3 people use or so, like WarX, and honestly I don't mind that since everyone just plays in 2 servers anyway and it isn't like they are private...

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