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Hello Renegade-X community.

I am trying to establish a Renegade-X server so that me and my brother can play together. I have some experience at hosting servers, though not much. Yes, I've done the port forwarding. Yes, I have enabled the nosteam attribute. No, I am not using port 7777 although all my ports should be set to 26159. My issue is that my server is up and running. It even appears in the server list. It will not let me connect to it, however. I know it is my server because it has the 30 player cap, which I set specifically, and the map it has matches the map which the application and the command window tell me it has.

Here is the server.bat, I have not modified any other files. By the way, I inserted [REDACTED] in lieu of the actual admin password.

@echo off
cd /d "Z:\CnC Renegade X\Renegade X\Binaries\Win32"
start UDK.exe server CNC-field?AdminPassword=[REDACTED]?maxplayers=30 -port=26159 -nosteam

In addition, both myself and my brother have tried connecting directly via local IP, to no success.

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