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Proposal: Changes to minimap.


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Hi everyone, I played the old Renegade game and enjoyed it.

I've recently found this game and it's a ton of fun, thought I'd help out giving feedback to help out devs.

These are my suggestions for some changes to the minimap:

-Make mines appear as dots 1/3 or 1/2 the size of the player icons enemy mines are never revealed on the minimap.

It would help with having mines up in base at all times and could also help reveal

stealthy action going on in and around the base (the latter could be countered by issuing a delay

for the mine to disappear from the minimap).

-Introduce a button for zooming out the minimap, either hold to keep it zoomed out or make the zoom level adjustable in increments.

I find the minimap is often just a bit too small to keep track of what is going on around my flanks and

find myself running left and right to check if my allies are still there or if they got shot/backed to base.

Keep up the good work!


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