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12 days of renx (xmas song)


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Ok so please bare in mind, this is a draft for now as took me like 2minutes to think of it. i will change some of it up and maybe sing it :D then upload it for the lawls...

On the twelve day of renegadex this is what it gave to me

12 Shotgunners shotting

11 snipers sniping

10 chem troopers trooping

9 engi's repping

8 nukes are nuking

7 failed rushes

6 noobs over mining

5 seconds of people chanting daves name

5 sec pause

4 whining bitches

3 rage quitters

2 auto-kicks

and your 1 big massive C***

C*** < censored =o give you a clue it rhymes with grunt

what use think? lol

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