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Potential partial fix for noob miners


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I was just playing on lakeside and i noticed whoever had mined, mined the bar incorrectly cause they mined by the sandbags and not by the doors so they enemy could just walk on the ramps in hop right in without being scathed. Well we all know improper mining is a serious problem to the gameplay. And right now, often, the only real solution is to remine the whole base. Which is annoying as crap. So i was thinking this.

What if when a player notices noob mining they can call up a team vote that grants them temporary the ability to temporarily disarm team mines? Like they call up the 30 second vote, state their reasoning in the team comments, and then likely the team will vote yes. Then lets say that gives them this ability for like 1 minute or 2, then it gets taken away.

This could really help with getting rid of excess useless mines, which on a map with a limit of 40, you need every mine you can get.

Ive read some other ideas on the forums too about mining fixes, and some of them are pretty good but i dont remember anyone suggesting this exactly. Let me know what you guys think.

EDIT: Also outro for Volcano should have the volcano erupting and the whole map being washed over by lava. That would be amazing.

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Yeah, maybe this could work. We Will think about it. Some kind of solution we really need it seems.

Another idea im thinking about atm:

You can 'Q' friendly mines and mark them for replacement. You can Q up to 5 mines at a time. Now when you place a new mine within the next 2 minutes, the oldest mine from your marked stack of mines gets removed instead of the oldest mine overall. This way you can not just disarm mines, but can replace them. If you replace a mine a teammessage is generated saying "player x replaced mines near barracks", so you would have to take a bit of responsibility for it. Also the planter of the replaced mines could get a private message informing him of the replacement, ideally making him learn.

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