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Screen (everything) is "Grainy" on GoldRush


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I called it fuzzy, but I think the correct term is grainy. I have medium gfx preset. On the map Goldrush, the whole screen, all the textures, everything is grainy. But for other maps, it is fine.

Also, Walls is FUCKING. BRIGHT!! It was way too dark on dark maps, so I upped brightness to 75 from 50. But DAYUM, is it ever fucking bright on walls.

No big deal, but I figure you guys are all technological GENIUSES, wheres as I am an asshole. Can you help me with my small problems?

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Seriously though, I have an nvidia GT 640.

The game runs pretty good, and except on maps with alot of detail and bots, the FPS is solid.

Its really blurry on Goldrush though.

I had this exact same problem with GTA4, it was grainy, fuzzy, blurry, whatever as FUCK.

Turns out, the solution was to turn the water GFX to Ultra High. Then I got crystal clear picture. This game's specific map is the only other instance of this issue.

When I look really closely on other maps, I can see individual pixels, as anyone can, and I guess you can say the effect is, well, grainy, fuzzy was my first pic, but when I googled that, grainy came up. But for some reason, this grain effect is very apparent on Goldrush to the point that it is noticeable and pisses me off. It is grainy as fuck on goldrush, just sayin. I have an HDMI 56 inch LCD TV. When playing RenX, everything looks fine - sept for that one map.

The problem has got to be specifically with that map. That map's graininess, and walls is fucking BRIGHT. The only two "issues" I've furrowed my brow over. Oh, and the flame thrower, he sucks ass, please help him.

EDIT: YES! I fixed it. Post Processing effects. I disabled that, and now Gold rush is just fine. Halle-fucking-lujah, FUCK YOU grainy bitch, you die now.

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