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Poll: Laserchaingun same Damage as Gunner?


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Maybe anyone think that the NOD Laserchaingun should do the same amount of damage with his magazines as the GDI Gunner to buildings and vehicles. Looks like that



Nod-GDI Officers,



do the same amount of damage.

There is no reason why this should not be the same on NOD

side with the Laserchaingun to Gunner comparison.

The next step is that NOD Chem infantry are not so strong against Buildings and Vehicles as the Rocket Infantry.

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The thing is, this game isn't made up of two perfectly identical factions. They're very asymmetrical, and that's what makes it beautiful. Different factions having different assets, and therefore, different strategies is what makes the game so interesting. I don't think that the LCG should be the same as Gunner, for the same reason that there shouldn't be a GDI equivalent to the SBH. The factions are different, and that's okay.

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