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Low fps/ heavy cpu load


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Hi guys,

Firstly like to say thank you for Beta 3 and sorry I left but the crashs got too much for me in beta 2

Just booted up Beta 3 but it lags really heavy on the same settings I had beta 2 on, cpu is at about 70% load and even set to mid I'm still seeing my fps take a heavy hit than beta 2 did, infact Beta 2 played perfectly on max.

Have only tried the main menu at the moment as I don't want to join in a game if I suffer from this.

System specs are;

I7 2700K-3.5ghz

8GB DDR3 ram

GTX 560 Ti

Due to the late night I'm gonna head off to bed, but will update tomo after trying diffrent settings and actually joining a game (did not want to join if fps sufferd tho)


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I've set everything to mid/high and the game seems to run pretty smoothly now, tho on ultra it suffers badly with the fps.

I have noticed very high cpu loads even on these settings from around 75%-90, Is there anything I can do to lower this? Turned AA off and tweaked with post processing settings yet this game seems to run poorly compared to older beta versions.

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