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Ver 3 crashes Windows 8


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Downgrade to Windows 7. Windows 8 is a horrible operating system plagued with issues. It is most likely going to be yet another problem with the OS, not the game. I am running it flawlessly on Win7 Pro 64bit.

I, as well as the other Johns, play Renegade-X on Windows 8.1 Update 1 (64 bit) with absolutely no issues. There's something else at play other than the OS.

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When does it do that ?

The PC BSOD's when I attempting to join as I recall. I believe the launcher worked then joining leads to crash.

I am try a new download and install and see if I get the same results. This is windows 8 enterprise.

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ok it seemed to work ok with a few glitches other night. May depend on the server. Two start files. The Renegade-x shortcut can crash it. The Start Launcher shortcut works and I get in game and tonight every match the WIN8 enterprise BSOD happy message " Your computer ran into a problem...." at the end of each match before the next map loads.

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