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Beta 3 Installation workaround


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Not entirely sure how pertinent this will be for every person that tries to install the Renegade X Beta 3 client, but after downloading the exe and running it, it would never unpack the files beyond the 50-60% mark. If you have a .zip or .rar program, and you run into this problem as well, it may be helpful to know that you can use those programs to unpack the files into a directory of your choosing, just right click and there should be a context option to decompress the file.

Running into this issue leads me to ask, if a persons downloads folder is located on a drive that isn't C:, will the installation .exe still try and unpack the files into a directory on the C: drive? I only have about 1.5 gigs of free space on my boot drive, hence the location of my downloads folder on a different drive.

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