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Renegade-X on Unreal Engine 4?


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That's likely not going to happen unless UE4 is released for free. The devs are doing this in their free time and out of their own pocket. (Not that I'm shaming anyone for not donating or something, they're legally not allowed to take donations for this) If the devs are still working on it five, ten years from now, we might get something on a ghetto-ass VR headset port of UE4.

Not to mention, it's a lot of hard work to remake the game in an entirely new engine. What would be the benefits of it? What can UE4 do that UE3 can't?

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We've had access to Unreal Engine 4 since it was still in beta before it was available publicly, however because unreal script is no longer a thing, we would have to re-code the entire game... Which is not going to happen. So no, Renegade X is not going to be ported to UE4, and will remain on UE3. But as I've said, we've had UE4 for quite some time now.

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