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Steam Greenlight?


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The short answer: It's not done.

The long answer: Putting it on Steam right now would be a really bad idea, given that that would be everyone's impression of it. Forever. I'll be honest, the game, as it stands, is a glitchy, crash-ridden mess. It has a lot of potential to evolve into something much better, but people don't see that. People see a game that crashes after every match. People see a game that's an alpha test.

After we get a full release, after some balancing issues have been resolved, after the crashes aren't constant, then it should be put up on Steam. But right now, it's a niche project, and it's better that way.

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I love the game, only the crashes at the end of a game are really annoying. However for me its nearly always only at the end of the match, which is annoying but its better then midgame. :P

The game is awesome, when the end-game crashing is fixed it will be epic! Cant wait for that to happen.

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