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Is there a place I can listen to the news broadcasts?

Kriemhild Gretchen

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Hehe, the news there really is fascinating to listen to!

If you have a paid subscription to UDK, I think you can. Otherwise there is no legal way to that I know of (decompiling, resource extraction, etc.).

I suggest the Skirmish, it's not too much work at all. Click Skirmish, click start, enter building, listen. (Option changes there if you want.)

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Technically, you can fidget around with some of the Console Commands for Audio:

http://udn.epicgames.com/Three/ConsoleC ... 20Commands

While the game is running (even in the main menu), press ~ (at the upper-left corner of keyboard usually) to open the Console. Press it again to close it. There, you can type in commands that can run. Such as:


Which lists many sounds available (RenXVehicles.Orca_main or similar names with a dot(.) in them). Then supposedly they play if you run something like:

PlaySoundWave RenXVehicles.Orca_main

Although it doesn't seem to recognize the command for some reason... maybe I'm missing some single-quotes or double-quotes?

More Resources to work with:

http://romerounrealscript.blogspot.com/ ... cript.html


There's also

Stat Audio

but, make sure to run it again to stop displaying the info it shows. Fidget around with these if you really want to try. Maybe someone with more UDK familiarity might know.

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