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A bit late but nevertheless!

My favorite games for the PS3 are:

God of War (can have 1 and 2 remastered for the ps3, its a hard game but I like a challenge.)




If you like 'real' racing games I only played Gran Turismo 5&6 and the F1 2012/2013 series. (not mistaken with the F1 mentioned below)

But if you're more into the Mario kart kinda thing then "F1 race stars" is the game to buy.

And if you like more "kiddy" kinda games and i dont mean that in a negative way, then Littlebigplanet is the way to go :P ("kiddy" as in lots of colours and not alot of blood or anything but still funny as hell)

There are loads more games ofcourse and i don't know what kind of games you play. I have friends who only play CoD and BF4 while another friend only plays F1 2013 or fifa..

I just bought the Jak and Daxter trilogy, heard that those games are good :P

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I personally prefer Battlefield above any CoD, since its just awesome to drive in tanks or fly in planes or whatever you like. Instead of just running around shooting. (and been a fan of Battlefield since 1942)

I've recently been playing Borderlands coop with a friend of mine, thats pretty awesome. (Also played Resistance 1 and 3 (somehow 2 does not support campaign coop))

And for a fun coop game, try lotr War in the North. That game is funny, if you can look pass the bugs (just read about them before playing, saves alot of trouble) Me and a friend played the campaign for like 4-5 times already. (and then switched to Borderlands)

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