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GDI's rushing capabilities


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EDIT: Like the other thread, this should've perhaps gone into the General discussion forum instead. If so, sorry in advance.

Decided to create a separate thread for this, since it doesn't really relate to the Spy post I made earlier.

Am I the only one feeling that GDI really, really needs some better rushing capabilities? Apart from an APC rush (which Nod can also do) or a Gunner rush (still the most underused rush tactic ever, and only slightly stronger than a Nod Rocket Soldier rush), GDI really hasn't got any ability to rush buildings down compared to Nod's Flame / Stank rush. I know GDI's meant to have more of a "Field Control" play style, but their lack of rushing vehicles makes this tactic near worthless since Nod can almost always repair faster than GDI can dish out the damage from their siege. In addition, Nod can break the siege quite easily with a defensive Flame Rush. In a timed game, this is fine, since GDI can just hoard points, but in a Marathon match, this often puts GDI in a really troublesome position.

I personally think this could be solved in a couple of ways:

Option 1: Make Mammoth Tanks GDI's rushing vehicle. Buff their speed and reduce their size (something like 75% of their current size so you don't get the "Conga Line" problem) and make their Missiles do a LOT of damage VS buildings (almost on par with a Flame Tank in terms of DPS).

Option 2: Give Medium Tanks an alternate fire mode that is essentially a short-range anti-building attack. Maybe something like a Scatter Shot that can be used at short range VS infantry and buildings (like a bigger version of McFartlands regular shots). Give it a medium-to-long reload time so that it can't be spammed VS infantry, but make it's damage VS buildings pretty significant to allow them to be used effectively for rushes.

Option 3 (probably quite unrealistic, but throwing it out there for funsies): Give GDI a completely new vehicle. Nod already has one more vehicle than GDI (8 for Nod, 7 for GDI), so even though it wasn't in Renegade classic, I'd love to see another vehicle added for GDI. Maybe something like the Shatterer or the Disruptor (I know it kinda breaks the C&C timeline to have a vehicle like that in Ren X, but come on, we're in it mostly for the gameplay :) ). Could be something like a short-medium range anti vehicle/building weapon. Kinda like the Flame Tank with slightly more range but less damage.

Just tossing ideas out there to create some discussion.

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