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Artillery and MLRS - Tactical secondary


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One thing I loved about renegade X was how clever some of the secondary fire options were on some of the units/base defences. These abilities have inspired me to lay out some ideas and see what the community thinks regarding to adding tactical options specific to artillery units.

Nod Artillery NLOS mode - In the original command and conquer (and more notably Tiberian Sun) the Nod artillery tank had the ability to dig in and barrage targets from behind ridges and base defences. I believe this could possibly work in Renegade X multiplayer too. An artillery tank could deploy outriggers, a process taking several seconds in which the vehicle would be immobilised. It would then enter a radar based 'Non Line Of Sight' mode where the operator can only see a larger centralised version of the radar with a limited range and radius. From this view, the operator can only see the enemy units in it's line of sight and those that friendly units have in their line of sight (artillery spotters). When in the open (not under a cave or other obstruction), the artillery can engage these targets via mouse click. It would fire at a high gradient and bomb away at will.

The artillery would be highly vunerable to line of sight attacks by enemy forces, but be able to assist in many roles and dig in. The range of the artillery when 'deployed' in NLOS mode would be shortened to avoid unfair advantage, but it would be a new spin on the tactical deployment of the Nod Artillery.

GDI MLRS Cluster Missile - I loved the rocket defence tower in the winter mission, and thought that the heavy missile was BRILLIANT! The GDI MLRS would be perfectly suited to such a weapon for tactical use, especially to counter the previous idea. It would have a lengthy cooldown rate, just like the rocket tower, so you'd want to use it wisely, but nothing satisfies a player more than something that goes BOOM big time.

Like I said before, these are just some ideas I'm throwing around. Love the game, can't wait for the full version!!!!!

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