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renderspecialist wants to contribute

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hi guys,

yes, this game is awesome, been playing it a lot. the best thing is that it feels like the old renegade + the udk engine is solid. I love it.

my question: who do I need to get in touch with to contribute really photorealistic renderings for this game? The renderings can probably be used to promote this game even better! i`m a freelance renderspecialist with years of experience. my goal is to create stunning artwork (still images, no complex animations) based on existing renegade models. I work with 3dsmax, rhino, vray, octane and solidworks. what I would simply need is the 3dmodel (.obj/.max/.3ds preferably) + textures.

octane render: http://render.otoy.com/gallery2.php

if you would to see some of my work, send me a pm!


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Are you implying that you would want this game to look more photorealistic?

I'm not discussing or downgrading your skill-set in any way, but making a game photo-realistic is the worst goal I've seen in any games. Even if I could snap my finger and magic would make this game photo realistic in every way, I would not want it. Thats not the point of games, and photo-realism is boring.

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Hi SFJake,

What I am implying is that very cool still images can be rendered for promotion purposes! Images that capture the unique feeling of the game in a still shot. Ingame the UDK engine looks awesome already, yes.

On the facebook page you see some examples of rendered images:


Why not make some more? If the game is being developed even more (b3), why not develop some more cool artwork?


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