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[Feedback]Field map lags out in Wine

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This is a very specific case that is unique to using Wine for Linux to play Renegade X, and it's really just for future reference for the map makers. It's very odd, but on the map Field, even looking into the field area causes a sort of complete "lag out" or "freeze-up" that usually results in my character's death (stops lagging/freezing for about 15 seconds or more but starts up again almost instantly). I've played most of the other maps on the popular servers, and it seems that it's unique to Field. It's not the river, it's not the silo that can be captured, but something unique to the field area of the Field map (special textures? special shaders? special lighting? Is there a waterfall[so laggy I can't even look that way]?). The base areas and tunnels are fine, no problems.

This is really more of a question of curiosity, because it doesn't seem to happen on any other system, and I doubt Renegade X will be ported to any other OS in the foreseeable future. In essence, I'm asking "Please, if you happen to have the passing whim someday, can you sort of try to see what might be causing something like this, and try not to put it into any new maps?"

It's really not so much of a problem for me, since I usually repair and defend, and I can still attack via the tunnels. Just for future reference.

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