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Basic Issues - Feedback


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Firstly, and very unfortunately, Regegade X is more buggy and unstable than the original. Sorry guys, i know you've put alot of work into this, but its a huge disappointment.

My 1st experience:

- Ingame menu has massive mouse lag, general performance is dreadful. Is your core framework UDK scripted or c++?

- Game crashed after 1 minute of online gameplay, no debug or error codes from UE3. Just a hard lock, CTRL+ALT+DEL was my friend.

- Launcher needs work. The server list needs multi-threading desperately, and, 130mb memory usage for a win32 app, is this .NET with 100+ added library's?

I'am really not sure what you guys are working on at the moment. You have the content and the basic framework done well. I just hope you focus on optimizing the game and making it stable before anything else. If you dont, RenegadeX will be an early failure.

Add a crash reporter to the game. Not only will it help the player send you feedback, it will help you debug the game.

I'll come back and try again in a few months.

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