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Inventory/Tank Only Maps


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All our current renegade maps feature both tank and character selection which brings a more in depth war as we have to defend paths and vehicle entrances but it would be great to experiment with tank/inventory only maps as then we can see which side is ultimately better at either inventory or vehicles.

The maps would be trailered so either only tanks can survive eg. Tiberium battlefield or where only characters can walk, eg. caves, narrow bridges.

Seeing how getting the good characters may take a bit of time the Tiberium field should be filled with gems (x2 income).

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1) If this isn't Red Alert 2, why would the gems in the tiberium yield profit?

2) We already know GDI is stronger with vehs, and Nod is stronger with infy. Really, GDI is stronger with each, but nod is stronger with both together. That is why most map layouts exchange the bar with the airfield instead of the hand of nod. The strip is an equivalent loss to the bar on most maps, while the HON is devastating and the WF is devastating so both are better protected. Also, the ref is less devastating. Also, the Defence is less devastating than power in general.

I should make a thread right now addressing a lot of stuff I notice or suggest in this game lol.

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