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Changes needed

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Hi after playing a bit i felt there are some issues.

First of all great job, the games is really looking like the original.

But the original was not always perfect so u could do change something.

I felt like the Game is like buy XY attack a bit, then die and repeat until someone really camps and waits and gets a lucky sneak in and kills the base. This can be countered by sitting in the base and only use mass artillery to snipe out incoming vehicles with tower support and repair damaged buildings.

So theoretically u can just stall the game forever. Ur harvester gets destroyed? lol doenst matter, base defense is good enough and even with lower income and repair u can defend. so u basically mine all entrances for 350 gold and an incoming enemy engineer wont reach it cause i good and cheap soldiert/because of too much income) can easily take out the engineer, and even if the engineer has backup, the backup cant really chase the defender down cause of the mines, he can hide behind mines and just poke the enemy to death

so i vote for:

Reduce income more when harvester is dead.

Make base repair cost a bit money so that being active is more viable, car repair still costless.

add a new class to break mines or an item that allows running through mines and adjust the cost correct, laying mines shall be cheaper than the breaking but there must be a breaking option when the enemy has better economy, just like in a real strategic game, when u just sit in ur base the enemy will crush u even when the defender has a better position. And now it feels the defender has a too good position!!!

Look in a strategy game if u have no money u cant build nothing. but here u can even without money die engage again, though weaker than a good class but with the help of a tower being able to kill 10 vehicles on hiws own when repaired from inside its a joke. i understand that u must be able to to respawn , but when u have no income the attacker with more income must be in a better position to be able to end the game and not just being able to stall forever.

This was the first thing for general game changes.

The second thing is balance issues and damage/aiming

we must ask us, how many infantry man shall a vehicle be able to kill?

if we look at a real c c game 7 to 8 rifleman can kill a tank without beeing overrided, but here the tank is nearly invincible to bullets. so raise bullet dmg agains armor a bit.

Second, a vehicle with mg must be more deadly against infantry, but its very hard to effectively kill ainfantry from a bit range, too much bullet spread.

Reduce bullet spread from mg vehicles!!

the only thing that feels good is the dps outpur from cannon to tank, u can aim good but not facerolling and dmg per hit also ok and u cant outrepair with 1 engineer.

Also i dont like infantry vs infantry fights, i am a good cs player and with the assault rifle i cant kill anyone properly, this i bullshit and was way better in the original!!

Everybody plays 1000 gold sniper and the rest is useless, thats not ok

If 2 skilled people engage each other the person who has a cost class must be stronger, except for special situations like shotgun in very close battle but the rifleman is an allrounder he must be able to deal better against any class.

The officer is an improved rifleman, and thus he must be better than the rifleman but he aint really, BOTH are shit, so make rifleman better and officer even more better

this is a long post and its no so written very straightlined cause there are so many issues with the game i dont feel make it a very fun game.

Do u want endless defending matches with defender in favor?

Or do u want vehicles only fights cause infantry when not 1000 dollard unit vs infantry is useless and feels bad the infantry vs infantry fight in general

Or do u want a strategy game with only that the units are controlled individually and that the personal "micro" makes a stronger difference than in a normal realtime sts? I thought its like the latter, but with so many issues it doenst feel like that

Graphic wise and so you did a great job and mapping and coding, this is a very nice job, it comes really close to original but its more the gameplay which sucks, 1. by the issues the original game had and u took them and 2. by making some aspects of the original game worse, like infantry vs infantry fights which were way more fun and better in original

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