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Before I call shennanigans


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How much damage does a timed c4 do? I've noticed (since the original Ren) that a timed c4 will destroy an undamaged mrls, med tank and stealth tank except for when I place it. Is there an optimal place to plant it?

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I don't think it does. You mean your vehicle dies from full health?

It in fact does an MRLS. And an arty. But, shouldn't a med tank. Imagine it would a S Tank too due to S Tank's poor health, but who is getting c4ed in one, they are fairly anti-infantry, they even swivel in a way that usually allows squishing better.

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It does full damage as long as its stuck to the vehicle, no matter where.

The damage of a timed C4 is exactly 400. MRLs, Artillery and Stealth Tank have exactly 400 health.

I guess I should include my damage chart in by signature. There's also a topic that compares damage differences from Renegade to Renegade X. In this case though, its the exact same.

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