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Keyboard input bug

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Not sure this is complete right place to put this, but couldn't anywhere else that fit the description perfectly.

I play using a standard Japanese input keyboard, which is virtually identical to a qwerty keyboard with the exception of some keys to switch to and from the various Japanese character sets and how those character sets behave on input. Sometimes, if I am typing in the in-game chat, if one of these buttons is hit accidentally (specifically the key to switch between hiragana, katakana and Roman characters), it completely cuts off keyboard input to the game. I can still look and shoot just fine, but no movement or chat or anything. I can alt-tab out and disable Japanese input which has the curious effect of restoring keyboard functionality but disabling mouse input. The only solution that I can seem to find is to restart the game, which isn't such a huge deal.

I know that this is not a high priority issue, but thought I would bring it here regardless.

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I can conform this problem with Japanese keyboards and Japanese IME software in Windows 7. It drove me absolutely crazy :mad: until I determined what the hell was going on and how to give focus back to the Ren-X window. Nothing worse than being under pressure with enemy infiltrating your base and being completely helpless due to keyboard focus being stolen by the IME software. Was even flamed for "doing nothing while the base burned" when in fact I was unable to do anything via keyboard input other than change my direction :(

So I spend some time on an empty server trying to find out which key combination caused the loss of focus and how to regain focus without exiting Ren-X. If I remember correctly, the combination (which I sometimes accidentally pressed in a "newbie panic") caused IME to steal focus. To return focus I think I had to press the combo (below the escape key, usually the tilde key on non-Japanese keyboards) one or more times. This usually fixed the problem, but not every time. In the end I removed Japanese IME and changed my keyboard selection in section of Win7 (I chose the standard US keyboard).

Hope that helps other Japan-based Ren-X gamers.

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