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Composing an OST tailored for RenX

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Hello, everyone.

This thread is mainly addressed to the makers of this game, but I don't mind if anyone else chimes in.

I've noticed that there is no OST implemented in the game yet, and so I took the liberty to create two tracks that are map and team specific, for Mesa II.

I would like to develop and compose the soundtrack for this game, and create music that fits the mood of each map that is released.

Fitting this game with a dynamic soundtrack is one of my ideas. In practice, this means that the music will respond and develop in direct relation to important events that take place in game, such as ion/nuke beacons being placed, an important building being destroyed, the start of the match, end of the match, etc. For clarification, this isn't in the videos I posted.

See the youtube links below.

NOD version


GDI version


[yt] [/yt]

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Being able to hear the next footstep of the enemy, the rotor sounds of an chopper, direction of enemy fire, targets reported, among many other things is more important to me, rather than a looping soundtrack at the background, thus people that can listen to music whilst gaming a shooter with randoms isnt a thing i do understand. Sounds are an important part of the gameplay, if you dont even care about being of any use and just wanted to hear music why being even ingame ? could pretty much watch random video with explosions at it, no need to occupy space ingame.

Sure i do relax in a tank whilst dominating the field with the fellas, however the music i'd like to hear in such an occasion is rather assembled and stored seperately in a playlist on an external player, and its bound to be of an rather different genre than the game could probably offer anyways.

Adding music increases the filesize of games a lot, costs a fortune and i bet 9 out of 10 ppl would turn it off, either as first thing to do or after having heard 100 times thus when they dont want to hear ever again.

I dont think music should come integrated with games anymore in this time, sure there has to be great pieces of audio art, who could forget the first time you heard hellmarch in RA1 fe. Many a great, inforgettably beautiful soundtrack came within games in the past.

What im trying to say is right now there are other means to administer an soundtrack seperate, and thats in many an aspect better cause that way the music can actually reach more people than being just limited to people that have the game.

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