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Weapon issues in black dawn

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Not sure if black dawn is still being maintained or if it has been abandoned but i figured i would post this since its been nagging at me since i started playing the campaign.

i don't believe the two weapon swap out mechanics fit in with the spirit of renegade. what made the original great was its classic shooter mechanics like the ability to store an entire armory's worth of weapons in hammer-space. It is done a huge disservice by using "shudder" halo style weapon swapping *pukes at the mention of halo* This is a renegade remake and should not be brought down by modern shooter weapon handling. this causes a player to waste a lot of time trying to find the right gun on the ground than it does allowing them to run around killing nod soldiers. It seems like a rather poor choice to deviate so far from what worked in the original.

additionally the fact that weapon load outs reset every time a checkpoint is reached kinda weird since there is no logical reason that havok would simply drop everything he is holding to pickup the default weapons after he has already looted something better. I am hoping that this is a bug.

other than that the scripting and balance is immaculate and the game plays very smoothly.

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