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add vehicle customization and more vehicles.

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you suck. this should be easy this game if fictionial. shouldn't take that long to make. and why you saying no on improvements u idiot. u want this game to get better or not?

You better improve your tone if you want to get anywhere here.

No, this is highly unlikely to happen. Renegade X is not PlanetSide 2. Each vehicle and character has a special role.

Also, I don't think you have any idea how much technical work is behind every little detail in a game.

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Renegade X has the original Renegade's legacy to consider. It is a total conversion of that game and while there have been improvements and a bit of customization added, its main goal is not to deviate substantially from the core mechanics of the original game.

I also don't think more customization is needed at the moment either, a lot has been added already but it still keeps the original feel very well, which is the game that kept me playing for years and years online.

That said, with all the crazy customization you see in all the other mainstream title's out there currently, I do see where you're coming from and why you'd probably that opinion :)

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If you want vehicle and character customization then turn back to where you came from. No need to turn this into that too when you could play that anyways, incase you really wanted to.

On the topic of "moar vehicles plox!1":

It would be neat if an new map had some derelict soviet/allies equipment that despite all the rust still do function. As in mannable Tesla-coils that due to worn state have reduced to turrets in firepower than being obelisk equivalent.

I had one other idea there. In a bigger future map a leviathan-like vehicle based on M.A.D. Tank of RA1 that is located in an underground bunker somewhere near middle of the map, the backstory would be akin to "hidden here in closing years of the war after soviets realized imminent defeat, at orders of high command to deny the enemy our technological secrets, then forgotten as the hangar it was in got buried under the sand/glacier/whatever"

Its specifics: Awfully slow, unarmed besides the 'hammer' the driver needs to deploy. Due to its sheer size its more like a mobile building(or landship) than a vehicle, has catwalks around and bunkers on it for infantry(maybe a rear ramp at backside and a 'tank-bunker' too) which function like mobile terrain slapped on the vehicle rather than a fixed component of it(utilizing the bugs that allow engi on orca midair, driving above other vehicles and such for good) and a master console point for C4'ing it despite being a vehicle. Its 'hammer' serves as a one-shot base destruction meganuke, for being able to use it needs to driven into the spot specified for it roughly at middle of enemy base where the driver then can deploy(to prevent creative usage of the device). When destroyed it cannot be replaced(doesnt respawn) thus to give equal opportunity for both sides to use it becomes undrivable when in red health(forcedly neutral) and cant be moved again until its health is better. Also i forgot to tell that upon deploying the hammer players have a very short time to evacuate the area(unless theyd like to be brutally crushed by the sheer force of the 'hammer') and the dude who deploys the 'hammer' must sacrifice himself for the deployment is not instant.

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