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i want more weapons

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I want more weapons. this game is fiction. so we can make as many weapons as we want. make like 400+ weapons or just 15-20 of each weapon type. assault rifles, submachine guns, shotguns, pistols, sniper rifles, machines guns, grenade launcher, rocket launcher, bombs, mines, flamethrowers. also make them with different fire modes. and add weapon customization, deep customization. different ammo type. make laser type, bullets whatever etc. we can also make real life weapon varients too. like a laser ak-47.

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Well, aren't you an entitled little POS? You're forgetting something here. Renegade X is basically a refurbish of Renegade. There were specific weapons in that, which have been pretty much recreated here. Obviously there are weapons in RenX that were never in Ren, but those are there for the sake of gameplay, not just for the heck of it. Plus, the devs can't really do all that, it'll take them another ten years just to put all that in. It would certainly be interesting(and awesome) if they managed to implement a customization feature, and a few more weapons can't hurt(especially sidearms), but don't over do it.

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All kidding aside, the OP has a valid point. The fact that most people like tons of weapons & customizations is apparent because its in all popular fps games now. I mean if...umm...uh....awe screw it.



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