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What version of UnrealED ?


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Hey there, after years I thought I give that editor an other chance.

Back in the days I bought UT3 Black for RenegadeX :)

Just installed it and played around in the editor ... the basics are good to learn, and the bonus videos are helpfull :)

But I would love to see some other Tutorials on the web (Higher resolutions and such ...)

The problem I stumbled over is that every single Tutotrial seems to be for an other version, even within UT3 :(

My editor says:

Engine Version: 3809 Changelist: 328909

So What version should I use?

Do you have a favourite Tutorial site for that version?

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okay, thats all i want to know ...

i just want to point out that those bold caps are in fact a drop down menue ... ;)

you can choose different versions ... and since i have no clue about anything yet

i thought i might better use an older version ... :P

but anyhow ... thank you very much :D

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