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Map Concept-Ideas


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Hello there, this thread will be used for map ideas. Maybe the developers (or me) can create these map ideas to make maps for RenX.

So let's gather some ideas. I will begin:



Available Buildings per side:

- Barracks/Hand of Nod

- Weapons Factory/Air Tower

- Power Plant

- Tiberium Refinery

- 2 Man-Controlled Rocket Pods (1 west and 1 east to the base)

- 1 Man-Controlled Machine Gun (GDI: north / Nod: south)

Tech Buildings:

- 1 Tiberium Silo (the MCT heads to the east of the map)

Flying Units?

I don't know if available


This map is a big eerie and dark swamp with two main-paths (a broad one and a small one) and a big swampy forest in the middle of the map. The swamp has many trees, so there is no option for vehicles to drive through except for the main-paths) and it has a smaller hill in the middle with a tiberium silo. The base has no automatic defense, so with some luck it can be infiltrated. But the bases have some man-controlled defense. One rocket pot to each vehicle path and a gun emplacement heading to the swamp forest. Between the map boundaries (white on the map-drawing) and the main vehicle path is a small forest field, which allows sneaky attacks.

Map Drawing:


(poorly drawn map :D)


Other Maps will come soon.

Please tell me your opinions and post some constructive critic for me if you have one ;)

Greetings, Koni

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The map design looks ok. It's very hard to tell how the map would be with just a picture.

Initial thoughts would be the vehicles routes look bland. The bases look super easy to sneak into (could be good or bad). The whole swamp area if designed right could look and play very well.

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