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[Brain Dump] Suggestions and bugs


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FFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUCK have to rewrite this entire post because I got logged out when posting and forgot to ctrl-c beforehand ugh. But yeah I love the game...played the original, played the mod, been playing the open beta on the daily but I've noticed a few things that could be added as well as a few potentially less obvious bugs. Some of my ideas might be dumb, some of the bugs may have already been reported but I'm gonna put them out there anyway.

Additional information in commands

Would like to see more information added to squad commands e.g. "I need repairs" or "Get in the vehicle" should include the type of vehicle the player is in (rather than just including it when a vehicle is pointed at) and it's location (as used in "Enemy spotted") plus optionally the name of a player being pointed at (unless it already does that last part, not sure). This will make it so a player can tell they're being addressed and make it easier to determine the vehicle in need of attention and it's location. More info could probably be added on a number of commands but those are the ones that come to mind. I was also going to suggest a context based command button that could handle a number of commands depending on what the player is looking at and had written out a fairly comprehensive description of how it would work but then I decided to go and check if the Q button did more than "Enemy spotted" so I didn't look like an idiot and well...now I know that's there so hooray.

Stamina refills

When a player is refilled by a crate or terminal their stamina doesn't refill. This seems like an oversight to me. Getting a simple refill from a crate can be disappointing enough but refilling stamina will at least make running over to it less of a loss and getting a refill when using a terminal will let you get back into the action more quickly.

Some crate stuff

Speaking of crates, I don't know if death crates are enabled by default but I don't think they add anything positive. The way I see it, crates serve as a way to gain a bit of advantage when controlling the field, especially when a lot of buildings are destroyed and the game is in a stalemate making the little bonuses they offer all the more significant. Making them sometimes deadly can lose valuable infantry or at the least push a player back to the base which can sometimes make people avoid them...having that as one of their functions doesn't really accomplish anything other than being annoying and if anything just lengthens stalemates. It would also be nice if bonus characters were available at a base terminal rather than being immediately applied since that can also risk losing important infantry. Making crates always positive so that they'll be something the opposing sides always fight for control of seems like it could only be a good thing.

Enemy names in vehicles

You can't see inside vehicles so there isn't much reason to see the name of all the enemies inside them...maybe just the driver perhaps. Would keep players on their toes when an enemy APC or transport helicopter is hanging around and make watching and communicating enemy behavior more important.

Better spies

As it stands spies are kind of useless because they can be spotted fairly easily. Making them appear friendly when they're farther away would make them more of an asset even if they could still easily be found out by the name and the announcement. Maybe also make them not set off enemy mines but that might be a bit too overpowered.

Weapon drops and pickups

Not sure how other players feel about it and I guess the weapon purchase system replaces it to an extent but I miss this from the first game and hope it gets added.

Improved C4->Vehicle netcode

The shooting is pretty good. Your bullets hit the target on your screen, they take damage and you don't need to aim ahead in the direction they're moving to compensate for ping - only their actual movement. It's how good netcode works. It also seems to work the same way for shooting vehicles. Attaching C4 to them on the other hand doesn't seem to work as well. I can be rubbing up against an enemy vehicle but when I throw my C4 it can land on the ground behind them. Obviously not an issue with a low ping but the servers close to me have been empty for a while now and for a game with a small player base being able to play optimally in whatever populated servers there are is important.

Varying speeds and staminas

Not sure if this is already implemented but too subtle for me to notice however it could make for an interesting addition. Heavier units (rockets, chain, railgun, etc) could be slower with less stamina while lighter units (hotwire, sniper, etc) could be faster will more stamina. Would change unit effectiveness so rebalancing health and damage may be required but it could add another level of depth to the gameplay by making certain units better for infantry rushes and making unit transport more important for heavier units.

Replacing destroyed structures

This one will probably get me lambasted but it could work as an optional component or as part of an advanced game mode. Players could purchase structures by themselves with commands like how donations work now or it could be more fleshed out with it's own submenu in the purchase terminals where players can donate money to rebuilding structures and see how much of the required amount has already been donated. It would have the potential to turn tides and end stalemates which is a big problem on certain maps at the moment. Replacing turrets could maybe work in the vanilla game but anything past that would be much more significant and may not be appreciated by the purists.


Some of these may have already been reported but here it goes regardless.

  • - Deadeye gets stuck in aim mode while reloading. Not sure if this happens all the time but it seemed that way when I was using him for a while.
    - Tiberium damage + Hotwire heal = healing upwards of maximum health. Have seen side effects of this since day one but didn't realize the cause until I saw it exploited. If a player is healed by a Hotwire (or maybe an engi if it can keep up with the damage, untested) while they're standing in tiberium their health will continue to go up far past the maximum. It's pretty broken.
    - Harvester gets destroyed by air strip plane if another vehicle is immediately purchased after it is created. Not sure if this only happens on certain maps but it happens.
    - Stuck harvester is stuck. Until it's perfectly unstuckable one of two things is required - a team vote that can destroy it or a self destruct when it doesn't move a significant distance for an unusually long time.
    - Sometimes getting stuck in weird broken spectator mode after using purchase terminal. Not sure exactly how to reproduce but will provide more information if/when possible.
    - Weird player/vehicle collisions. Not sure if this is a problem for everyone or whether it's something to do with playing on overseas servers or what but whenever I'm not in a vehicle and a friendly vehicle is bumping into my character the physics goes super weird and I start bouncing away and rubber banding back like crazy which can be a real problem especially when trying to repair moving vehicles.
    - Game crashes if server is joined during map transition. Not sure if this would be fixed just by fixing the regular map change crash bug but if not it needs a look at.
    - Broken terrain collision on snow map. You can walk inside the snow in the rear right corner of the GDI base.
    - Beacons and such in undefusable locations. I'm sure this one has been reported but it needs attention.

But yeah that's about all I've got for the time being though I could have sworn I had another point before I lost my original post but oh well I'll come back if I think of anything else. I'm gonna go back to playing now.

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I always liked the building idea. Would be awesome if you can donate money to fund the rebuilding of a structure. (That fits in with C&C, you need credits to build structures etc)

Also enhancing teamplay because the ammount of credits needed to rebuild should be alot, so it isnt that 1 person can easily rebuild a structure. (WF be like 50,000 credits) or something like that, dunny if thats too much or too low :P

Of course this could be a different gamemode, something else then the current one.. Some good stuff from OP ;)

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The buildings in this game always seemed to me oversized. Surely they have to resemble the CC95 designs and fe. if you look at the length of the runway then compare to its tower then gives a semi-realistic feel, but more compact structures could have been made that fit better into a shooter game.

If only the designs could shrunk a bit then more structure types with different functions could be added into bases.

Fe. an Conyard that can allow to rebuild destroyed base structures as long its intact and a radar that auto-spots and can detect cloaked enemy units within range as long as they move(and reveals them gradually as they move, nothing instant) which could cover quite an area within the base.

I had always found the GDI barracks to be unnecessarily long, with too much unused space, applies to the Weap and Refinery too.

Also the Hand of Nod too high, i wish there would be rather an flat underground level(the master console would be located at U1 instead surface then) than being this tall. Rather been annoyed by the fact that the Hand, which gave the structure its name at the first place wasnt part of its actual architecture, being just a sculpture on top.

EDIT: Since this being an ideas thread will continue with a few:

Limited ammo for vehicles, methods of resupply other than 'Refill', seperation of healing and repair, division of classes into regular and heroic, cooldowns and build times on production.

Land vehicles would need to drive back to base and stand on the Resupply&Repair Bay whilst choppers can get re-armed and repaired on helipads, that will not be a seperate structure but is merged and found atop the barracks/hand of nod structures. If the structures would get redesigned then there would be a elevator travelling between U1 to helipad at roof for faster access.

Infantry should be able to get slowly resupplied and healed whilst on a passenger seat inside any APC.

Its silly when repair gun can heal infantry too. There is potential for a medic class, that could be different than other shooters.

Medic's main armament would be an 'healing-gun' which shoots darts(full with healing nanite(GDI)/forced evolutionary tiberium infusion blahbla(NOD)) that allow the friendly target to regenerate a set amount of health at a fix speed. This amount could either be percentage of target's health, or a chunk of health. The regeneration provided would continue even during combat. The darts needs to be fired one at a time and there could be both a infusion limit' and a 'overdose debuff' that kicks in after running around with regeneration for a while, so its unlikely for a character to stack the regeneration to the point of immortality.

Just as an engineer would be, he is pretty much unarmed for direct combat and has to rely on pistole,c4/nade. I dont want to see the goddamn revive-train in this game so its only a healer.

However it can have a gadget under weapons tab that can be bought seperately and is only available for Medic. For GDI side i thought this to be an deployable 'Nanite transmitter' that automatically administer small amount of burst heals around itself as long the target to be healed is within direct Line of Sight and range. (think of it like a motion sensor, but it heals friendlies within sight instead)

The current roster of buyable characters would change into something akin to first 4 being common roles that require you to pay for the weapon, with them being:


-advanced repairer



Hotwire(still available under heroes tab) would be replaced by Mechanic on GDI side. The difference is that Technician repairs buildings faster whilst Mechanic specializes in vehicle repairs.

Officers would change a lot, firstly they lose the chaingun, start out like an 'better rifleman' and can buy weapons exclusively for them under the weapons menu. I wanted them to be sort of an jack-of-all master of none specialistguy which can take additional weapons allowing him to alter roles on the fly, as long as he can afford to pay for it. However its unlikely to become a one-man army and solo the map with one, so it would be totally up to the player's style.

and the last 4 would be faction specific:

- stealthguy,chemtrooper and 2 cyborg variants on nod side

The cyborgs would be initiate(laser chain gunner) and templar(some heavy weapon probably)

- ?(sorry, i have to think about yet & find and examine the Renegade concepts in detail. Was there ever a mortarguy considered for GDI ?) and 2 power armor variants(one of them wields the regular cg in addition to another weapon) on GDI side.

All the named characters retain their attributes and retain their signature unique special weaponry. They are found under their own menu and each are buildlimit 1. The motivation behind this is to make infantry combat something enjoyable, ofcourse its fun for everyone having access to best weapons but not when everyone actually runs around with the said best weapons. All quickscoping Havoc/Sakura rounds anyone ?

When a class is bought it would enter a cd after, which takes a while, scaling appropriate to its cost.

When a vehicle is bought it would take time to get constructed and leave the factory, again scaling appropriate to its cost.

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Oh that was another thing I thought of a while ago - repair drones at the weapons factory/strip. Could allow for slower but safer repairs than exiting your vehicle to do it yourself without relying on teammates that may have their own agenda. Probably a pipe dream...certainly more work to implement than my other suggestions but I'd love to see it.

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