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Option for Rocketlauncher: Fully locking-on a target ?

Eagle XI

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Firstly you can lock on friendlies, we. purpose it serves besides trollololo is unclear.

Secondly you can actually kill em with FF accident as evidenced in the case of an angry havoc on today's tk. sorry chap.

Everyone's head and balled-up enemy vehicles that enters between you and the target whilst trying to lock-on cannot only cancel the whole procedure but cause your rocket to travel at an completely unintended target at the very last second too.

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On a second thought, your right i wouldnt want any aircraft to be constantly locked on.

What made me complain in the first place was that it seemed like after firing the rocket which was locked on a hostile target, now when original target moves out of sight(gets obscured by terrain) and a friendly is between the lock would transfer to the friendly.

However have to test yet if the rocket does actually change course mid-flight, if switchen-to target is still applicaple for projectile to change course when rocket didnt yet have past that friendly guy between original target and rocket guy.

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