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Disappearing weapons, vaporizing ammo...

Eagle XI

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... ,stopping midfire without command(weapon jam mechanic?), almost invisible red dot sight and grenades that provide extremely long spotting range. Oh least i forget: and flames that ignore terrain.

1. Weapons will randomly disappear:

- whilst switching between them, suddenly your character will pullout and hold an invisible weapon.

- when they need to be reloaded and will not ever become visible again.

- when zoomed in with a sniper. this one is the best because it cancels the negative accuracy of the scope and your view isnt obscured by the parts.

- and most importantly this applies to thrown grenades too. Invisible nades anyone ?

2. This comes in 2 forms:

- I get grenades(or gl, or rockets, anything that is fired one by one) begin throwing , last one in the batch disappears into thin air as i wanted to throw it. Click, no anim, nothing happens, gets deducted. wtf.

- HUD shows i have a small amount of ammo left whilst firing with any burst weapon, but suddenly decides to reload without having had reached zero.

3. Was firing with minigunner, to be accurate decided to fire in short bursts(without ever getting into the 2. faster rotation). Release trigger just at time, pull again and nothing happens, then pull again and functions. However meanwhile seconds pass as weapon lost the spin and needs to spin up again, losing even more seconds. The 'jam' randomly happens with other bullet-based weaponry (sniper, assault rifle) too.

4. The red dot sight you can switch on the default assault rifle is almost invisible. It perfectly blends in with whatever is behind serving no purpose.

5. Exactly what it says on the tin.

6. In a certain map that has narrow tunnels, its possible to flame through the terrain walls, damaging the guys on the other side, somehow.

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