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Server bugging - server changes into DEATHMATCH?


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I am running my server with the following commandline:

UDK server CNC-Field?AdminPassword=1234?maxplayers=64?VehicleLimit=64?timelimit=-1?goalscore=-1?botskill=4?numplay=64?dedicated=true?MineLimit=100?PlayerLimit=64?GDIBotCount=32?NODBotCount=32?GDIDifficulty=7?NODDifficulty=7?GDIAttackingValue=60?NODAttackingValue=60?FriendlyFireScale=0 -port=7777

This seems to start up a server with bots, vehicles etc, but when you join and spawn, everything and everybody is shooting at ANY moving thing (so the whole GDI base is just shooting each other) and the NOD side remains with 0 bots and 0 players.. Why is this happening?

I cannot find ANY documentation on starting a server, no parameterlist, no things, no explainations, nothing.. so I just did with what I found on google and added it to one big command line. But why doesn't it work correctly?

I cannot change sides too. I cannot join NOD. I can only be in GDI..

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try this

@echo off
cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\Renegade X\Binaries\Win32"
start UDK.exe server CNC-Field?AdminPassword=1234?VehicleLimit=12?MineLimit=100?botskill=7?maxplayers=40 -port=7777


Change your rcon password to something else that isn't 1234 now that the public knows it.

Don't make your vehicle limit over 15. There is a bug with a massive amount of vehicles in play that causes the server to lag.

Don't make your player count over 40. The limit is 40 at the moment. You can do more than 40 but it won't show up on the server listings. This is a temporary cap until they fix some netcode issues.

As for bots, use the rcon commands

addbots [num]

addredbots [num] - This adds GDI bots.

addbluebots [num] - This adds Nod bots.

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