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Flying vehicles and invisible walls


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I've noticed a few spots where flying vehicles collide with nothing if you fly too low. I understand the invisible walls are there to stop ground vehicles, but it's annoying to hit them when flying. Hopefully they can be cleaned up at some point.

The main examples I can think of are on Lakeside, but this thread might apply to other maps.

I use an apache to defend a lot and fly low to see infantry in forest. I run into this spot a lot:


This spot is annoying for chinook rushes. There's also one on GDI's side of the mountain:


I'll update if I find anymore spots.

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On Whiteout there's a lot of short vehicle blockers on both sides of the hill. You can hit these if you're flying too low. No screenshots because there's so many of them.

Also on Whiteout, this spot looks like the perfect place to fly over into enemy base. Instead you hit an invisible wall:


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Well, the maps are FILLED with illogical blockers.

I'm one that thinks infantries should be able to go ANWYHERE they see on foot (not counting places you could "drop" with air vehicles, its fine if you limit air vehicles logically, but thats about it).

Unfortunately you'll get your path stopped anywhere, but the problem is it seems to be intentional. Instead of making maps flow logically, they just don't. At all.

Sure, you're focusing on air vehicles, but lets be honest here. Either way, we'd have dozens of pictures of obvious spots that can't be passed or just walked to. The entire thing needs a major fixing, because its terrible design.

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