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Weapons and flying vehicles


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The first interaction is about a bug with flying vehicles and beacons. After exiting a vehicle, you can place a beacon mid air as long as you don't press any movement keys. You can even parachute while the beacon is deploying. The deployed beacon then drops straight below your character and tries to land wherever it's able to. I bounced one off of the top of the refinery, so I'm assuming you can't place them anywhere too funky. The only place I found was dropping one inside the power plant.

Beacon inside the already destroyed power plant (because I missed the first beacon drop like a scrub):


The second interaction I wouldn't really call a bug. It's more interesting, but some people might not like to see it used. If you exit a flying vehicle, you can shoot your gun and then re-enter the vehicle in time. Using this you could potentially add extra firepower while flying. For example, a lot of air battles now end up with stand offs because neither the apache or orca wants to get in range. Using this method, you could try using a 1k sniper or sydney/raveshaw to poke at or finish off the enemy air vehicle while being out of their range. The weapons also reload while you're in the vehicle.

It's not really a bug or exploit. It would be more up to the devs/feedback to decide if it wasn't supposed to happen. The only other interesting thing I found with it was using it for base to base on walls or whiteout. It would be an expensive and difficult way to accomplish a gunner rush though.

Gunner rushing from the safety of my own base:


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