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SBH & Stank cloaking changes/nerfing


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IMHO, the cloaking of the SBH & Stank still need to be addressed.

Looking for SBH's you really can't even see them when they are like ~2ft from you, even harder when you are in a vehicle. So, SBH cloaking needs to be nerfed a decent amount or re-skinned to be more visible when you are in range.

As for the Stank, I was going "WTH?!" when seeing 2 random people just running and shooting sporadically in the GDI base... turns out they were shooting a Stank, but it wasn't being revealed because I wasn't close enough... this definitely needs to be addressed to "light up" the stank from ANY distance when it is actively being shot (as it worked in Original Ren).

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I think it would be a cool feature, if stealth disables for SBH and STanks when they take damage.

I'm not saying it would de-cloak (turn red), I'm saying it would "light up" when they are shot. You would see the cloaked stank, white-ish blue skin (or w/e it is), from anywhere (basically, it would still be cloaked but still visable, just like friendly stanks would be if you were playing NOD).

Here is a example of the Original Renegade campaign. You can see that the stank is gets dimmer when it moves away from the player, but goes to full brightness when it gets shot/takes damage by something else:

(same idea should apply to the SBH as well)

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why open again a new topic ...


go here pls:


not spread the same discussion over multiple threads, makes it hard to follow

I'll admit that I did not use the search feature first, as I did not find any posts about this in the "Feedback / Bug reports" section of the forum...

However, I have to strongly disagree with you. A "General" discussion about "SBH Nukes" that got off-topic is not the proper place to discuss changes that need to be made to stealth abilities in the game... This is why a "Feedback / Bug reports" section exists, for feedback on what needs to be changed.

PS: This isn't a word:

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