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Zoom in gets Stuck


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So I was playing earlier and I'm sure this is common and has been reported but just in case it hasn't when zooming in with snipers it reduces your sensitivity, but sometimes when you unzoom it retains the lower sensitivity until you rescope or change guns. It's really annoying when scoping and unscoping alot. Thought I'd post it here ^^

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If I'm reading this right, you're talking about when your character keeps walking after scoping-out and refuses to run or sprint? And won't immediately respond to you pressing those keys. Happens with the basic Marksman, for me.

Not only that, it often happens that I get stuck scoped-in. I run out of clips after 4 shots, start reloading, but it wouldn't scope out. It can be annoying when the enemy is advancing from different direction and you can't immediately bolt, or keep moving swiftly as you shoot, cause you have to wait til the reloading is done. I think I only actually died once because of that, but that's annoying enough.

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