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Suggestion weapon slot numbers


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Hello all,

I have been a huge fan of the original renegade game. And it was a dream come true when I found out about this new version, AWESOME!

While playing the game I often want to switch to my timed c4, ioncannon, secondary weapon etc. But the slot number for each weapon, lets say ioncannon, changes from weapon slot 4 or 6 depending which character you are playing. So rightnow, in stressful situations I screw up because I have to scroll trough my weapons to get to the one I need.

Isn't it a idea to make these slots fixed? Like:

**For all characters**:

1: Primary weapon

2: Secondary weapon

3: Timed c4

4: Remote c4 (if engineer, hotwire or technician)

5: Proximity (if hotwire/technician)

6: Nuke, ion cannon or airstrike

So that when I play hotwire and I have a ioncanon, I press the same key as if I were a soldier with a ioncannon. (button 6, instead of 4 or 6)


1: primary weapon

2: secondary weapon

3: timed c4

4: remote c4

5: proximity

6: ioncannon


1: primary weapon

2: secondary weapon

3: timed c4

4: **empty**

5: **empty**

6: ioncannon

I hope people agree with me on this. And I hope I can contribute to this fantastic game with this suggestion.


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