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Lowest graphical settings


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Hello,i am trying to see what graphics settings to set low, turn off, or turn on in order to recive the smoothest frame rate for Renegade X. The settings menu is extencive and i have little knowledge as to what half the things listed actually do. Some settings sound like they would lower my frame rate, like Distortion, or the Tree Leaves and fronds, but others, like Partical Distortion dropping, im not sure what they do or if turning them on or off will have any affect on my proformance. I set most of the stuff i could understand to Very Low, and tunred off Anti-Aliasing, but some of the other advanced settings are alien to me. Would turning on framerate Smoothing help, or make me lag slightly? At the moment i just turned everything in Advanced Settings off, but i did keep Reduced Gore on, since more gore probably means more things for the pc to render. But yeah, any tips to the best proformance settings one could have with this game woulf be most appreciated :)

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