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Experienced Player Looking for a Clan

Kawlos Ghroomez

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Hey Guys,

I've been playing C&C Renegade since the beginning and have just switched over to Renegade X.

I'm a fully seasoned and feared sniper on a few Renegade X servers and am used to being called a hacker, but I can assure you otherwise. This is obviously my main and preferred role, so anyone using me for this slot will be priority above others. I'm also available for testing if you want to test my skills in a private/public server before hand.

Over the years I've also learnt the roles of the following:

Base & Vehicle Maintenance and Repair, Vehicle Destroyer, Precise Driver and of course, Tank Operator.

Looking to join a sensible, mature clan. Would again prefer a UK clan, but with the internet these days connection is never much of a problem any more. A clan in a ladder is also a plus.

Obviously if your clan aren't up to scratch, I am more than happy to help suggest a few things for the time I've been around. However, if any players don't play to tactics and don't listen or the clan is just not up to my standards, I will not hesitate to leave.

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