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Weapons Factory exploding vehicles Bug


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There's a problem with the WP: When people try to enter the vehicle they just bought, it stops. So when they do that inside the WP garage, the vehicles won't continue to drive out of the garage to make room for other vehicles. This is especially bad when players think the vehicle that'll come next is theirs, but when it isn't, they can't enter because it's blocked, and the vehicle just stays in there causing a huge explosion when the next vehicle spawns.

A solution could be to disable vehicle spawning when the WP garage is blocked, or to force vehicles to move even though someone tried to enter.

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No, I meant when you try to enter, but it's not your vehicle, but someone elses. And then the vehicle stays in there, until the owner of the vehicle picks it up, and they are often too late.

Yeah I know, but this was certainly a bug, not a feature. :D

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it omly happens if the vehicle is inside the bay?

because i can remember i bought a vehicle and b4 me there was the same vehicle in queue ...

so i thought that it is my vehicle that was just produced but could not enter ... this vehicle did not stop when i did try to enter it

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