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Crash after launching (beta2/built to udk)


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Hey Guys,

i have the problem that my game crashed after every launch. The internet and this forum shows that this is not a rare problem. But the solutions of this problem, which are posted in this forum, didn't help. I hope that someone can help me. I uploaded the log in the attachments

Beta 1 worked without problems (except the normal bugs in this beta version).

The crash occurs during the intro movies. Then i have a half black screen with the error "built to udk funktioniert nicht mehr" (i'm german). I think it is the same as "Built with UDK stopped working ".

-> Windows 7 64 bit


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Thanks omega

First I uninstalled the open beta 1 via the normal uninstall file.

So... i installed it several times and used four different mirrors for the install file. After an uninstall, i checked that the uninstall was complete and wasn't failed.

I removed the intro movies. I thought, if it skip the intro movies, it won't crash. But it didn't work.

I verified that i have enough virtual memory in the windows control panel.

The checksum was okay of every file (i checked this with the JamHashCalculator from this website).

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Hey Guys

This is not a dead thread for me, but i was the last time very busy :/

I have still the problem.

I deleted the movies in the install directory but it didn't help.

Updating the net framework helped a little bit. The intro movies doesn't crash anymore, but the game crachs during the loading screen after the intro movies.

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First, thank you very much for your help.

Renegade runs without problems on my pc now. But this was an effect of reinstalling the os, because i bought a ssd. Finally i don't know the real solution for my old problem. I hope the problem will no longer occur in the future.

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