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[Open Beta 2] crashes more often than before


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Hey all!

My game crashes more often since Open Beta 2. RypeL said http://renegade-x.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=73111 there, that descriptions of the crash help more than logs, so I'll try to be as precise as possible.

Map change crashes:

On Beta 1, I had map change crashes about 1 out of 4 times, now 2 out of 3.

On Beta 1 it was different though, it crashed when the new map started: old game finished, went into the screen where you could see the player stats and vote for the new map, the background was that greyish logo screen, THEN right before the new map started it crashed.

Now on Beta 2 it crashes directly at that exact moment when the game is finished, the time limit has expired or the last building is destroyed, I don't even get into the vote screen anymore.

Server join crashes:

And then something weird happened: When I tried to reconnect, instead of loading the map, on the loading screen the map "envyentry" was loading, and instead of the game I got into a black screen with some text on it, and then it crashed. This happened two or three times.

Random ingame crashes:

Those actually are much better, I don't randomly crash anymore. Exept for that one time:

On the server NoAmmo.co.uk #1 Marathon on the map Goldrush, about every 10 minutes or so EVERY player got disconnected because their games crashed (this happened twice on two different days). But the map went on, every vehicle became empty and the game remained exactly the same. When players reconnected they usually stole the empty vehicles.

UPDATE: this happened today again a couple times, so on three different days, again on that server, again on goldrush. This crash is really annoying.

Don't know whether that's a game or a server issue though.

Game freezes:

I don't get them anymore, on beta 1 I got quite a few. But some players on the servers said that they still have them.

Hope that any of this helps solving the crashes. :)

If you need the logs as well tell me I'll upload them.

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Just a minor note, that I seem to have actually begun crashing a slight bit more. Mostly randomly in the middle of a game, after having linked my Steam Account to Renegade-X. It mostly happens in the middle of a game, and I don't think anyone else is actually crashing when I crash, but it is a slight inconvenience, specifically when I like to play in my favorite server (Jelly Marathon)

Is there a minor Incompatibility bug with Steam at the moment that I'm not aware of or am I just part of some deeper client-side problem here?

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Today i had several crashes ingame, in some cases it send my back to the main menu. When i tried to reconnect nothing happened, i could smash the join button all i wanted but nothing.. I also got the "UDK" error but mostly i get kicked out of the server (and cant rejoin for awhile)

Will play without Steam next time, to see if the crashes still occur!

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Double post but i've tried it out :P

I dont know if its coincidental but i played several games without Steam on. When i turned it on the game crashed when the last building exploded. (i was engineer and was trying to repair the building, then it exploded and my game crashed) So with Steam i wasn't even able to play 1 full match..

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