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Field & Unshootable Arty


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I know there was an invisible wall put in place on the GDI hill with the bunker, but it isn't sufficient. I was playing tonight and there was an arty just bombarding the WF from on the hill by the bunker in such a way that they could shoot the WF, but GDI was unable to even see the arty from the base.

a couple things could fix this... reshaping the GDI hill with the bunker, placing the invisible wall down farther on the hill or even removing the arching from the arty shell.

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We noticed that location doing 1v1's (Field is the benchmark 1v1 map). If you get an arty up there and start shooting the WF, you'll have the WF down to 15% before the med is able to reach and kill you. And - that was before Arties buff to projectile speeds.

The rock should be slightly modified so that the med can start hitting the arty sooner, like on Regular Ren Field.

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