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Details of how everything looks. If it's low, people and objects will have very little detail on them to keep performance up. If it's high, details will be more pronounced and sculpted with an impact on performance.
The "Detail Level" setting doesn't seem to change much. I assumed it was for things like smokes and explosions.

For instance, I do know it removes the sand dust in Walls_Flying if you set it to low.

So which one is for changing how the characters look? because I tried to change the Detail level but nothing changed.

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Yes, what Error said.

The way that specific detail works is that models have a high poly version and a low poly version. If your Mesh LOD is set to anything but the minimum, when a character is up close you will see it's higher poly version and it will look nicer. But as a character gets further away and you can't really make out the details, there isn't much point in it displaying them... which is why it degrades to a low poly version to help performance.

The Mesh LOD is basically the distance away from you that the switch from high poly to low poly happens. Having it at it's lowest setting will make it so the high poly version never appears while putting it to the highest setting will keep the highest level of detail on characters for a large distance before they degrade to low poly.

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